Improve Customer Relationships

You’ve heard it before – existing customers are among your most important assets. You protect and maintain the physical assets of your company. Does your organization have a process in place to protect, maintain and grow your customer relationships?

Pinehouse Partners offers consulting and training to help your team develop an uncommon set of skills that will position them as trusted advisors and create relationships that deliver value to you and your customers.

Large Account Management Process (LAMP®) delivers knowledge that enables your organization to more effectively manage and grow key accounts, by taking a holistic view of the relationship. The outcome of this training is a road map to stronger relationships that will ensure repeat business over a sustained period. DOWNLOAD OVERVIEW

LAMP® enables your organizations to:

  • Avoid being surprised by the loss of key clients.
  • Collaborate across the enterprise to unlock the potential of strategic accounts.
  • Transition from vendor to trusted advisor status with strategic customers.
  • Ensure that relationships continue in strategic accounts regardless of manager or key sponsor turnover.
  • Reverse erosion within key accounts.
  • Achieve account growth objectives set by the executive team.
  • Improve customer profitability.

Negotiate Success is a customer-focused process that improves your sales force’s ability to reach a win-win outcome with customers. This program provides your team with a process to recognize and acknowledge both parties’ perspectives to jointly create agreements that satisfy all critical interests. DOWNLOAD OVERVIEW

Negotiate Success empowers your team to:

  • Avoid difficult negotiations that damage client relationships.
  • Identify additional sales opportunities within client organizations by gaining more
    knowledge of the customer’s goals.
  • Offer valued solutions without succumbing to discount pressures.
  • Determine acceptable prices with customers before the final stages of a sale.
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