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Great teams don’t just happen. Building a great team requires more than a collection of talent. You need to be able to assess that talent, set goals, coach your top prospects and veterans, and always keep an eye out for new players that will elevate your team. Pinehouse Partners understands that’s a tall order for any company. We provide sales coaching and consulting to help you develop your team, set and track your goals and find the new talent you need to get to the next level.

Sales-Excellence-AssessmentPinehouse Partners provides self-assessments and manager assessments that are based upon the critical skills required for top performing salespeople. Using an online Sales ExcellenceSM Assessment, you will be able to identify strengths and skill gaps in vital areas that make managing the process efficient for you and your team. DOWNLOAD OVERVIEW

The Sales Excellence Assessment allows you to:

  • Improve the overall effectiveness of sales managers.
  • Provide sales managers advanced information to support better coaching.
  • Enrich the constructive dialog between sales managers and their teams.
  • Enhance adoption of training and change initiatives.
  • Prioritize and track ROI on sales training investments.
  • Introduce new sales skill-focused metrics to track the effectiveness of you sales transformation project.

How does your sales organization stack up? Have you implemented the right processes and strategies to ensure success? Pinehouse Partners will compare your current processes with the best practices of world class sales organizations, based on 10 years of thorough research. You’ll receive a comprehensive report that provides details on what you’re doing well and areas where there may be sales performance gaps. Try our free Executive Benchmarking Tool to get started.

Pinehouse Partners provides manager-based coaching programs that will help you realize the full benefits of Strategic and Conceptual Selling.

StrategicSellingCoachingOur Coaching Programs provide organizations with a powerful way to support their overall strategy to reinforce consistent and proper application of the Strategic Selling® process. This program helps those who have leadership responsibilities that include opportunity collaboration and pursuit, sales operations, and coaching DOWNLOAD OVERVIEW

Every team has high-potential players. Pinehouse Partners will work with sales leaders and individual team members to provide coaching that drives new behaviors and unlocks their full potential. Our approach is to help you maximize their potential, and enhance retention of your top people.

Pinehouse Partners’ search practice focuses solely on sales and sales leadership positions. Our decades of experience as sales leaders provides a unique perspective for helping you identify and hire top sales professionals for your team.

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